C U R R I C U L U M      V I T A E

Bernhard Wieser born 1965 in Salzburg-Austria.


1980 – 86       HTBL Saalfelden in structural-engineering, Salzburg - Austria

1989                Off-set printing and placard-design (Gestaettner-Printing), Sydney - Australia

1991                Screen-printing (Pröll-Siebdruck), Berlin - Germany
1994                Works together with the wood sculptor Santiago Bell, London-England

1995                Sculpture classes by Prof. Robin Brown, London - England

1997                Technique of stoneware-ceramics and personal assistant of  Prof. Phillip King
                          C.B.E.-P.R.A. (7 years) London - England

1998                Steel-sculpture by sculptor Andrew Taylor, Coalbrookdale - England

2004                Stone-sculpture by the Shona sculptor Tapfuma Gutsa, Salzburg - Austria




2012    Steelsculpture-symposium “ The spirit of steel ” in Riedersbach - Austria.

2013    Sculptureworkshop in Krabatstein Miltitz - Germany.



1992    Kulturfabrik Prenzlauerberg
Berlin - Germany


1994    Group-exhibition in Bromley by Bow centre
London - England


1995    Collaboration installation for her majesty Queen Elisabeth II and her visit of the African year 1995 in London.

Group-exhibition in Bexley Hall Place,

London - England


2000    Assisting Phillip King in having an exhibition at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, 

London - England


2001    Constructing and exhibiting of an installation called  “Step over colour”  (by Phillip King) at Bernard Jacobson Gallery,

London - England


2005    Installing ‘ Step over colour ‘ in  Alain le Gallard’s Gallery,

Paris - France

Setting up Phillip King’s exhibition in Turin -



2006    Group-exhibition for the opening of  the public school in Weissbach,

Salzburg - Austria


2007    Exhibiting stone-sculpture in Mirabellgarten,

Salzburg - Austria


2008    Joining the group-exhibition at the Künstlerhaus in Salzburg


2008    Exhibition “Lust auf Stein“ in the city gallery, Salzburg Mirabellgarten 


2009    Anniversary-exhibition of the Kulturverein Binoggl in Lofer-Austria.

Participating in the summer-exhibition of Skulpturengarten-Sonnenwald in Grattersdorf - Germany


2010    Exhibition “ Naked II “ by the  Art BV/Salzburg at Steinerwirt in Lofer – Austria.

Metalsculpture in the  sculpture-park ‘ bambutopia ’ in Schallstadt-Mengen - Germany.


2011    Group-exhibition “One artist room“ at the Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg.

Exhibiting in Schallstadt-Mengen over the summer  at the sculpture-park.

International sculpture-biennale in the botanical garden at university of Graz - Austria.


2012    Artfair in Bozen - Italy.

Group-exhibition in Spazio Klien in 38051Borgo, Valsugana - Italy.

Anniversary-exhibition in Vienna at Rearte gallery - Austria.

Group-exhibition in the Berchtold-Villa in Salzburg.

BV anniversary-exbibition in Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna - Austria.

Outdoor-sculpture at the ARTSPACE Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg.

Exhibiting in the Alten Schieberkammer  in Vienna - Austria.


2013    Exhibition “Jedermanns Totentanz” in the Art BV/Salzburg.

International sculpture-biennale in the botanical garden at university of Graz - Austria.

Group-exhibition called “Ausgebrannt” in the Berchtoldvilla Salzburg.

Exhibiting the sculpture called  “The couple” in the Salzburger-Kunstverein - Austria.


2014    Nominated for the Georg Trakl visual arts award in Salzburg.


2015    Group exhibition in Salzburg at the Trakl gallery - Austria.


2016    International Windkunst in Nordhessen “Bewegter Wind“ in Germany.

Exhibiting in the Hundsmarktmuehle in Thalgauegg, Salzburg - Austria.


2017    Participating in the international art project “Pillar of freedom”.

Nominated for the ART AWARD 2017 at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna.


2018    Group exhibition in the Otto Mauer centre in Vienna - Austria.

BV exhibition in the Alten Schieberkammer in Vienna - Austria.

Special exhibition in the Gauermann- museum  called “Morgen ist Winter”.


2019    Exhibition “Ohne Brücken keine Verbindung”
in the bulgarian Kulturinstitut Haus-Wittgenstein - Vienna.

Group exhibition in the city gallery of  Plovdiv (European cultural capital  2019)
Participating in the artexpo by the ARTBOX/project Zürich 1.0 in Schwitzerland.


2020    Exhibition “Common ground” in the museumspavillon Mirabellgarten
Salzburg - Austria.

Group exhibition in the Ferry Porsche Congress Center in Zell am See-Austria.

Participating in the ART AWARD 2020 at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna.